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Personal Injury

img-slipfall Personal injury can occur as a result of many things. Some injuries can happen through no fault of anybody. Such injuries are not actionable. But, many happen because of automobile accidents, slip and falls, explosions, airplane crashes, medical or nursing home negligence, or the failure of drugs or products. Personal injury ranges from very slight or minor occurences to catastrophic or life changing injuries. Each person is required by law to exercise due care not to inflict injury on another person. That duty of care extends to everyone. It also places responsibility on those whose carelessness injures others to step up and make it right by paying damages.

In every state, the right to bring a personal injury action is governed by the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS. This means that there is a time limit during which you must file your case. If you fail to bring your case within that time limit, you may be barred forever from doing so. Sometimes, insurance companies string people along until it is too late to bring a case. This is why it is so important to start evaluating a case early with an attorney who knows your rights and who is well trained and well prepared to represent you. In Oklahoma, the general statute for personal injury and wrongful death cases is TWO YEARS. However, in medical cases and product liability cases, the law recognizes those situations where it was not possible for the injured person or their family to know exactly what had happened. So, Oklahoma has what is called “the discovery rule” which allows a case to be brought TWO YEARS FROM WHEN THE PLAINTIFF KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that the loss occurred because of the fault of the defendant. This is a very risky proposition, and we encourage all our clients to be diligent in pursuing their claim regardless of the discovery rule. Every case rises or falls on its own facts.

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