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Norman & Edem has been involved in many high profile aviation cases involving loss of life and serious injuries. Our lawyers have experience in piloting aircrafts, as well as air traffic control and aircraft manufacturing. This provides us a strong background in aviation and aircraft litigation.

In today’s dangerous world, even a moment’s inattention in the field of aviation can result in catastrophic consequences. Huge losses can be the result of:

  • counterfeit or defective aircraft parts
  • poor maintenance
  • fatigued or impaired pilots
  • Defective design or manufacture of the aircraft
  • bad decisions made in the corporate boardroom.

After an aviation loss, the family, the injured, as well as close friends have to be able to balance the scales and seek the resources that allow those directly affected to go on. This is where we come in, because we have the skills and resources to seek justice against the wrongdoers.

Please call us as soon as possible, so we may put our knowledge and skill in working for you.